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    New York Webseries: PROFILE: 12-Steps to Recovery


    What is your name and what is it you do on the show? My name is Tony Clomax and I am the writer, director, producer and editor of the show.


    I produce the show with Emelyn Stuart of Stuart Films. Some people fill hats because they have no other choice. I can honestly say, I enjoy each of…

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    New York Webseries: PROFILE: Sage Suppa's NYC Adventures


    What is your name and what is it you do on the show?
    The name of my channel and show is my name, Sage Suppa.

    How many episodes and average length of each episode?
    There will be, eventually, a great deal of content, at the moment it’s just getting started. I try and keep the length to about 3…

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    Festival Week Day 1

    So here we are, day one of 2 weeks worth of film festivals in Toronto.  The Toronto International Film Festival starts this week, but the main one we’re here for is Caribbean Tales Film Festival and Incubator.

    Before you ask why I don’t have a film in TIFF or why Dominion isn’t in there and instead is with Caribbean Tales, the answer is simple:  it doesn’t allow short films that are not Canadian to participate.  It is a Canadian festival first.  So Dominion was never ever considered.  Now Caribbean Tales on the other hand: as the title says, it’s all Caribbean all the time (well maybe it doesn’t say all of that), so we were a natural inclusion in that festival.

    Caribbean Tales is headed by the gracious Frances-Anne Solomon who has decided to personally crusade on behalf of Dominion and myself.  I’ve heard that Frances-Anne lends the same zeal to any projects under her wing, so I’m glad that she’s taken such an interest in Dominion and my work.   She’s been running Caribbean Tales for 3 years now, urging the growth of the film industry in the Caribbean and the “Incubator Program” that she hosts is the perfect place for this.  So it’s not just screenings of films at Caribbean Tales (and there are quite a few good Caribbean films screening), but it’s also a place to meet and brainstorm with other Caribbean filmmakers on how to be the best that we can all be.

    Here’s a toast to a most excellent week.

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    Getting ready for Caribbean Tales this week and then TIFF

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    We’re going to Toronto for Caribbean Tales and Toronto International Film Festival!  Get ready for 2 weeks of video blogs and updates!

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    Join Us on Facebook:
    Edited by Rodney Smith 
    Music: The End Is the Beginning of the End - Smashing Pumpkins, All Rights Reserved.
    Starring: Sean Michael Field, Maia Nicholson, Mateo Prendergast, Claudia McLain, Steve Carter, Addison LeMay, Pedro Colon and Jaime Jihae Lee
    Written and Created by Andrew Stoute and Rodney Smith
    Coming December 09

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Spike Jonze




    Spike Jonze


    (Source: thefilmdirectory)

  8. 3 years ago 
    "Apparently Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, and also the most stressful."
    - Andrew Stoute in conversation
  9. 3 years ago 

    A day in the life of Dominion

    Alarm at 7:00AM brings the standard response of “what the hell is that?” Followed by instant remembrance that its morning and I have an 8am call time.

    Benefiits of packing and showering the night before: you know where everything is. Disadvantages: false confidence. 5 minutes later my dad is yelling at me that I forgot my boompole in the car on sunday. Dammit. I drop what I’m doing (beard trimmer for Mateo) to go get it. By the time I get back I forget what I had been doing and focus on a quick and easy breakfast. Grab my shit and I’m out of the house by 7:38am. Off to a great start right? At Mateo’s place I unpack my gear and my shortcomings are immediately evident. I’ve forgotten something vital to the production. Time to rush back home to retrieve it. Luckily I live 15 minutes away by train.  I run to the house, grab my stuff and I’m out the door in less than 2 minutes.  And I still make it back before Sean arrives.  Sweet!  Oops: still forgot the beard trimmer.

    9:35AM Sean shows up with the beard trimmer.  Eliza Jones and John Speck are already there and they patiently wait for me to get setup with lighting.  Slow start to the day since I know what shots I want, but lack of certain grip gear is proving challenging.  I offer a few curses at Dave (long story) for losing half my gear and struggle to light the scene.

    10:12AM and first shot it off.  We’re moving along.

    11:27AM and the first card is full. Offloading footage now. John speck is running sound for us again today. Good guy and we like having him around so I think we’ll keep him. Eliza Jones has stepped in as our “Katie” and she’s pretty good. We now have a British accent in the film. First few setups have taken some time but we’re making some good time so far. 3 more shots to go and we move on to the next scene. Actors are chatty but they all seem to like each other. Pretty cool. Conversation now about actors who may die soon. First half of the day wrapped at

    1:11PM: Sean’s off to his audition and now time to pack my gear up and haul it home. Could use a nap.

    4:30PM heading back out to meet sean. Must have dozed off for a while there. Time to do pickups and extended transition shots for the prologue now. The scenes are good but now we have to establish a real style for the show. Transitions help in that regard so we’re off to catch some of those shots now in Seans neighb orhood. Travelling light now, no lights or tripod or slider. Just camera and computer. Hope I don’t need any extra gear for this…

    7:15PM and that’s a wrap for the day. Time to go home and edit.  No extra gear was needed but got some great shots and on the train I think I had an idea for the style of editing I’ll be employing.  The project is really beginning to take shape now.

  10. 3 years ago 

    To Slide or to Dolly?

    Seriously: if you are a filmmaker in the big City, NYC, LA, Toronto, wherever you are: you need a slider.  There is no way around it.  Especially if you have to travel as light as possible or are taking any form of public transportation.  If you;ve ever driven in NYC you know how hard it is to find parking anywhere and sometimes it just makes more sense to travel on the subway.  After all the subway extends through most of the city and you can get anywhere.  Kind of hard to do any low budget shoots with a dolly, when you have to transport all of that extra gear.  The slider puts an end to that and kills lengthy set-up times.

    A lot of independent filmmakers don’t use a dolly mainly either because of rental costs, lack of having one or whatever reason they can come up with for not having moving shots.  Call it style if you want. The truth is that once you have a dolly at your exposure, all of a sudden your style changes and you almost never want to go back to a static shot ever again.  The trick is figuring out when to move the camera after that, but it’s at least an option. 

    I built my first skater dolly years ago and then a few after that, each one becoming better, and I’ve never looked back.  The level of dynamic movement that the proper use of a dolly introduced to my films was phenomenal.  I coupled it with a jib a couple of times but the results were mixed.  Since then I have made a habit of travelling with my dolly wheels and building a dolly on site in some cases… but I’ve always had my dolly wherever I went.  Downside is the bulk, weight and the fact that I always needed tracks.  Here in NYC that became an issue when I couldn;t travel with the dolly tracks.

    My friend Joe Saba, ZazaCast on the boards, came to the rescue.  He’s been promoting his ZazaSlider ( for about 2 years now, a little DIY affair that has grown in usability and opened up a brand new market.  Filmmakers now have a new inexpensive tool on their hand that offers great usability, easy set-up and a small footprint.

    Joe has very kindly donated the use of the slider to the production, ensuring that we can get those dynamic shots we needed, especially in tight corners and public places without too much hassle.  Plus, combined with the Canon Rebel T2i camera, we’re able to get away with a lot more, like being able to tell the cops that we were doing a “photoshoot” so no, we didn’t need permits (true story).

    I’ve been using the slider for about 2 weeks now and I can’t say enough good things about it.  This isn’t supposed to be a plug or anything, or even a review, but fact is: it’s a damn good product and it works awesomely.  


A Supernatural Detective Noir webseries, coming this Fall.

Dominion webseries is a dark tale of mystery told in the classic detective noir style. It features a rich world of supernatural creatures who live side by side with humans... our own world. They prefer to stay in the shadows, the stuff of legends and myths. But one Private Investigator is finding out that sometimes the truth is more dangerous than they myths they hide.